Unfortunately, B-SIDE EMPIRE has closed down.

Thank you all to all the student artists who have contributed and showcased fantastic pieces of art on the website, and to the followers and fans for helping to support and promote B-Side Empire artists over the years.

Founded during University, B-Side Empire started with the purpose to support and promote student artists and we hope we managed to achieve that over the years.

This may not be a permanent shutdown of the site, but one for the near future while we focus on other endeavors.

Student artists, and now graduates, we hope that you are continuing to create beautiful art, receiving the attention you deserve for your talents.

Thank you to you all again for your support over the years.

All the very best,

Jennytha @ B-SIDE EMPIRE 


P.S.  Our involvement in Cinematique! Student Film Festival continues. To stay in touch, you can follow us at @cinematiqueUK / http://www.cinematique.co.uk

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